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Rochana Moon is the Founder and Director of Wise Moon Wellness.  Born in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She grew up with a deep connection to the natural world, particularly plants.

At age 28 Rochana developed an autoimmune condition leading her on a profound healing journey. When western allopathic medicine could help no more, it was the plants that healed her.

This process led Rochana on to formal studies, eventually completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Medicine, a Diploma of Herbal Medicine and a Diploma of Horticulture. 

Over her years of clinical and community work, Rochana has developed a passion for empowering others to reclaim their relationship with plant medicine. Knowing that our potential for truly holistic wellbeing is available through those connections.

Her role as a herbalist is not just to diagnose and prescribe, but also to educate and encourage long-term and integrated healing and growth. 

When not helping people connect with plants or improve their health, Rochana enjoys getting out into nature. She loves tramping, packrafting, mountain biking and is a keen gardener and permaculturist.

She lives off grid in a tiny house with her partner and their two kelpies