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Naturopathic Consultation

A face to face appointment to discuss your health needs and history, to gain understanding of your full health picture. Come prepared to learn practical herbal and naturopathic strategies relevant to your specific health needs.

When indicated we utilise Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) testing. This technique combines muscle testing with acupressure points to assess the status of the body’s key organs and glands, investigating the underlying cause of health issues and also the specific treatment that your body wants. Looking for the root cause of your issues rather than just providing symptomatic relief.

Afterwards you will receive a personalised and holistic treatment plan, which may include nutrition and lifestyle changes, recommended herbs and supplements, plants to wild craft or grow, and of course wholefood and plant medicine recipes.

To truly find the underlying cause or imbalance, we may also suggest using additional diagnostic tools including NZ lab tests. Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) and other types of naturopathic testing.

Initial consultation: $180
90 Minutes

Follow up: $100 per hour
Usually takes around 60 mins

Phone: (+64) 210 827 8207

Design Your Own Consultation

Always wondered what medicinal and edible plants are growing in your garden? Or in your favorite local walking spot?

Or do you need some help creating a medicinal or edible garden?

Or maybe you’re sweet as with all that stuff, but you don’t know how to make good medicine out of what you grow or forage? 

A tailor made consultation with Rochana will help you develop relevant knowledge and skills that apply to your personal health needs.

Explore the health giving potential of your kitchen, pantry, garden or local wild places, with the support of an experienced naturopath, herbalist, forager and gardener. 

Learn ways to integrate permaculture, organics, wholefoods, and of course medicinal plants, into a more natural, earth connected lifestyle. 

This is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and learn practical real world skills that will enhance you and your families health and well being.

$100 Per hour, quotes available.

Phone: (+64) 210 827 8207