Naturopathic Consultation. 

A confidential consultation that involves taking a detailed case history to understand your full health picture. At times, further analysis may be required or testing with a medical doctor suggested in addition to our process. Once the diagnostic process is complete you will receive a personalised treatment plan for nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbs and supplements. 

We utilise QRA testing. This technique combines muscle testing with acupressure points to assess the status of the body’s key organs and glands, investigating the underlying cause of health issues and also the optimum treatment. This is part of a Phytotherapy Naturopathic consultation, but for more in depth testing (such as food intolerances) we will suggest additional diagnostic tools including lab tests. We can order these directly with no need to consult a GP.

An initial consultation takes 90 minutes. 

Price: $150 initial consultation,

A follow up consultation takes up to an hour $80 per hour. 

Garden & Lifestyle Consultation: 

We are also experienced and qualified gardeners. Rochana is available for garden visits, to identify what useful plants you have already, and to design and implement medicinal, permaculture and organic gardens. Explore the kitchen, pantry, and how things work. This is an educational and empowering service that can really make an impact on day to day life. 

Price: $80 Per hour, quotes available. 

We specialise in a number of key areas including;

Auto Immune Conditions

Gut Health & Digestion

Natural Detoxification 

Anxiety & Depression

Hormonal Health

Children’s Health 


Ultimately, anyone who is experiencing dis-ease or dis-comfort could benefit from a consultation to see how we may potentially help.   

Healing from chronic illness or acute conditions with natural medicine is a process that takes time and dedication. Integrating lifestyle changes as well as plant medicines to create the optimal conditions for the system to rebalance and harmonize. By allowing the deep transformations required for healing to occur, individuals often experience not just physical but also mental and emotional shifts. This is the nature of holistic medicine, everything is connected.